There is always so much to celebrate

| February 27, 2023

We always have so much to celebrate at Apollo Career Center!  January was School Board Recognition Month and February is National Career Tech Education Month. The All Area Boards Meeting is our annual opportunity to combine both; thanking Apollo’s Board of Education (BOE) members, 11 associate school BOEs and the County Educational Service Center BOEs while highlighting the great things happening in career tech.

Anyone who runs for or holds public office has to have courage. These individuals will be vulnerable to public criticism, scrutiny and questioning on issues and decisions that they make.  It is always important to thank board members for the work they do to support schools, students, and local, state and national initiatives.

Apollo Career Center’s Board of Education is made up of eleven members, each representing one of Apollo’s associate school districts. We are fortunate to have a board that cares about high school and adult students, supports the programs and staff, and believes in the importance of workforce development. There are many people who give their time and talents to serve the youth in the area.

Career Tech Education Month is a celebration of all things Career Tech to celebrate the accomplishments of programs and the impact is has on students of all ages.


Keith Horner
Superintendent, Apollo Career Center