We Are All Adjusting to Find What Works

| June 3, 2022

I recently read in GraphsandLaughs that there were 11.55 million job openings and 5.95 million unemployed people in March.  This is very close to two jobs available for every job seeker, which is consistent with what we see in this region.  Every sector that Apollo works with is experiencing workforce issues.

As a result of these issues, we have seen a couple of things happening. One, wages are increasing, even for high school students.  It is not unusual for our high school students to make $15 to $20 per hour.

Two, we are witnessing focused recruitment, especially of our junior students.  Businesses are trying to develop relationships with students so that the students may potentially consider working for these businesses when they graduate from high school.  Apollo Career Center will do its part to help fill these employment gaps.

We will continue to adjust our current programs and look for new programs to meet the ever-changing and ever-increasing needs of employers in our community.  We welcome input from businesses and the community to help us improve which in turn helps make our community better. Please follow me at ApolloCCSuper on Twitter or Apollo Career Center on most social channels.


Keith Horner, Superintendent