Customized Training

Our customized training teaches your workforce the specific skills you need them to know

Apollo offers customized training for area businesses and industries in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, public safety, and computer technology.

We provide high-quality skills training at the company or on Apollo Career Center’s main campus. Our team of industry experts offers flexible scheduling for both day and evening training.

Customized trainings can focus on skill-development of:

  • Organizational Productivity
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Individual Productivity
  • Manufacturing and Technical Knowledge
  • Computer Skills
  • Job Specific Skill, e.g. CPR, OSHA, or others

Every program is tailored to your business, with a comprehensive plan that will focus on the skills and knowledge your workforce needs to help you bring your goals to fruition. Not only that, customized training provides an opportunity for growth for employees, which improves morale and employee retention.

For more information please contact our Adult Education office at 419-998-3000 and ask about our customized training options.