The Apollo Electrician Apprenticeship program is a 640 classroom hour and 8000 hours of on-the-job training. Classes start in September of each year and conclude in May. The apprentice will finish schooling hours during the 3rd year and spend the 4th year only on-the-job training only. Classes are 2 nights per week from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.   The electrical apprenticeship is certified by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council and Apollo will take care of most of the paperwork for the apprentice and company. All apprentices must be working for an electrical company prior to enrollment. The price for the apprenticeship is $8,250 and this includes all fees and books. Our instructors are local electricians with many years of experience that are certified in teaching by the state of Ohio.


YEAR 1 | 260 hours

  • 36 Hours   Industrial Health and Safety (OSHA 30-hour card)
    36 Hours   Electrical Safety NFPA70E
    116 Hours  Basic Electrical (NCCER Level 1)
    36 Hours    Electrical Math 1
    36 Hours   Electrical Math 2

YEAR 2 | 284 hours

  • 36 Hours   National Electric Code
    36 Hours    Single Phase Circuits
    36 Hours   Electrical Schematics
    88 Hours    AC Motor Controls
    88 Hours   Machine Control Systems

YEAR 3 | 100 hours

  • 60 Hours Programmable Logic Controllers (AB Simulation)
    40 Hours Programmable Logic Controllers (Siemens Step 7)

TOTAL HOURS | 644 hours


PRELIMINARY WORK | Approximately 600 hours

  • Learning the names and uses of the equipment used in the trade:  kind, size, and use of cable, wire, boxes, conduits, and fittings, switches receptacles, service switches, cutouts, etc.
  • Learning the names and uses of the various tools used in assembling this material, care of these tools, and other instructions necessary to familiarize the apprentice with the material and tools of the trade.

ROUGH-IN WIRING | Approximately 4,000 hours

  • Assisting in getting material from stock room.  Loading truck and equipment on-the-job.
  • Laying out the various outlets, switches, receptacles, and other details of the job, from blueprints or by direction of the superintendent of construction.
  • Cutting wire, cable, conduit, and raceway:  threading and reaming conduit, boring and cutting chases under the direction of an electrician.
  • Installing various kinds of wires, cables, and conduits in accordance with requirements.
  • Assisting electricians in pulling wires, attaching wires to fish tape and keeping wires from kinks and abrasions.
  • Connecting conductors to switches, receptacles, or appliances with proper methods of splicing, soldering, and taping.
  • Installing service switches or load center and sub-feeders and fastening up these parts, running raceways, and pulling conductors under the direction of an electrician.
  • Assisting in preparing lists of materials used, including names, number of pieces, or number of feet, etc., for office records.
  • Loading unused material and cleaning up job area.

FINISH WORK | Approximately 2,000 hours

  • Connecting and setting switches, receptacles, plates, etc…
  • Installing proper size and types of fuses for each circuit.
  • Installing and connecting various kinds of electrical utilization equipment.
  • Assisting electricians in installation and completion of work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association and special local regulations; proper sizes of wires, service, conduits, etc…

TROUBLE SHOOTING AND SERVICE WORK | Approximately 1,000 hours

  • Repairing all kinds of electrical work.
  • Checking out trouble and making repairs under supervision of an electrician.
  • Tracing the polarity of conductors and devices.
  • Testing the circuit for grounds and shorts and locating and correcting job defects.

MOTOR INSTALLATION AND CONTROL | Approximately 400 hours

  • Installing over-current devices.
  • Checking for proper installation and rotation.
  • Installing replacement motors.
  • Analyzing motor circuits and troubleshooting.
  • Installing pushbuttons, pilot lights, relays, timing devices, and interlocking controls.
  • Wiring all types (gas, oil, stoker, etc.) heating equipment.
  • Installing wiring and controls for air conditioning.

TOTAL HOURS | 8,000 hours


Program Manager
Brent Obermiller
Apprenticeship Coordinator
PH: 419.998.2959PH: 419.998.2959
Program Manager
Tony Sheipline
DIT Manager
PH: 567.940.3886PH: 567.940.3886