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This course provides students hands-on learning experience in the areas of knife skills, basic sauces, measurement, tool and equipment identification and handling and applies principles of food preparation to produce a variety of food products. Students will also learn the basics of customer service and sales. Students will demonstrate the ability to operate equipment correctly and safely. The students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the effects of heat on foods, heat transfer and food preparation times.  Students will gain hands-on experience through practicing techniques such as; grilling, frying, steaming, poaching, broiling, and sautéing.  Students will apply previously learned skills such as recipe conversion and salad preparation to their practices. Students create various forms of stocks, basic and advanced soups.   Instruction on the creation of the five master sauces, glazes, reductions, thickening agents and their appropriate usage will be covered. This course will use materials from the On Cooking curriculum and Manage First curriculum.