The Apollo HVAC Apprenticeship program is 604 classroom hour and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Classes start in September of each year and conclude in May. The apprentice will finish schooling hours during the 3rd year and spend the 4th year only on-the-job training only. Classes are 2 nights per week from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

The HVAC apprenticeship is certified by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council and Apollo will take care of most of the paperwork for the apprentice and company. All apprentices must be working for an electrical company prior to enrollment. The price for the apprenticeship is $8,250.00 and this includes all fees and books. Our instructors are local HVAC Technicians with many years of experience who are certified in teaching by the state of Ohio.


YEAR 1 Hours

  • Technical Math 1 36
    Industrial Health and
    Safety 36
    HVAC Level 1 144
    EPA 608 Prep 36

Year 2 Hours

  • Single Phase 36
    Electrical Schematics 36
    AC Motor Controls 64
    Industrial Mechanics 1 36
    Industrial Mechanics 2 36

Year 3  Hours

  • HVAC Level 2 144

Job Training

General Trade Orientation | 350 Hours

  • Care and use of tools
  • Test and measurement devices
  • Types and sizes of piping, tubing, fittings
  • Introduction to refrigeration components
  • Safety procedures and first aid
  • Equipment records and reports

Fabrication Of System Components | 550 Hours

  • Cut, thread, flare, bend, shape piping and tubing
    Install fittings
    Solder, braise, and tin fittings and components
    Care and use of oxy-acetylene and Prestolite torches
    Silver and soft soldering

System Installation And Connection | 1600 Hours

  • Electric supply lines and cables
    Electrical connections
    Water service lines
    Air supply lines
    Steam lines
    Steam return lines
    Steam traps and strainers
    Pressure reduction, expansion, evaporator, stop valves
    Suction and discharge lines
    Filters and strainers

Equipment Installation | 950 Hours

  • Install condensers
    Prepare compressor and motor bases
    Install and align compressors and motors
    Install evaporators and other cooling coils
    Install and align centrifugal pumps and bases
    Use of slings, lines, blocks and falls, chain hoists, rollers, dollies and skids

System Maintenance | 1050 Hours

  • Troubleshoot field systems
    Test pressure, flow, etc.
    Check liquid levels
    Check repair leaks (Freon, liquid)
    Purge, dehydrate, and charge systems
    Repair, align, and adjust fans and blower sections
    Align pulleys, bearing blocks, belt tension

Equipment Repair | 2900 Hours

  • Disassemble and clean, repair/renew, perform shop tests and run in compressors
  • Repair, pressure test, dehydrate evaporators
  • Repair, acidize condensers, and roll condenser tubes
  • Remove, replace, disassemble, and test, clean, calibrate, and renew defective parts on controls of all types such as: pneumatic, electrical, electro-pneumatic, thermostatic, humidity, pressure, vacuum

Machine Shop Practice | 300 Hours

  • Use of grinders, drill presses, lathes
    Tool and drill sharpening

Miscellaneous | 300 Hours

  • Orientation
    Activity not otherwise listed

TOTAL HOURS 8000 Hours

Program Manager
Toby Prinsen
Assistant Director of Adult Education | Business & Industry Liaison
PH: 419.998.2939PH: 419.998.2939
FAX: 419.998.2994