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Apollo offers an extensive catalog of individual manufacturing and welding classes/modules.  These classes offer specific skills in a short period of time at an affordable price.  They may provide you with the skills to earn more money, get a promotion, or give you a helpful edge in the job market.

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Manufacturing Modules Welding Modules Certificate Programs
AC Motor Controls Introduction to Welding CNC Operator
Analog / Digital Electronics Math For Welders CNC Programmer
AutoCad I Oxy Fuel (Plasma) Welding/Cutting Welding
AutoCad II Welding Blueprint / Metallurgy Electricity
Blueprint Reading I Welding Fundamentals & Metrology
Blueprint Reading II (GMAW)  MIG I – V
CNC Programming I (GTAW)  TIG I – IV
CNC Programming II (SMAW)  ARC I – IV
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) I (GTAW)  Pipe I – III
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) II (GTAW)  Pipe TIG I – III
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) III (SMAW)  Pipe ARC I – III
Dimensional Metrology (SMAW)  Pipe Prep ARC I – II
Electrical Safety & Schematics
Hydraulic / Pneumatic Systems
Industrial Health & Safety
Industrial Mechanics I – Belt Drives
Industrial Mechanics II – Chain & Gear Drives
Industrial Mechanics III – Bearings/Couplings
Integrated Circuits / Microprocessors
Machine Control Systems
Machinery Handbook/Metallurgy
Machining Processes I
Machining Processes II
Machining Processes III
Math For Welders
National Electric Code
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) I
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) II
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) III
Single Phase Circuits
Technical Math I
Technical Math II
Vertical Mill I / Engine Lathe I
Program Manager
Jared Lutz
Welding Manager
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